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11 hours ago

Rathlin Glamping Pods

Beautiful Rathlin❤️❤️ Available dates left for August 2019 - Tues 20th and Wed 21st! One pod, sleeps 4! ... See MoreSee Less


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Hope the coffee crew will see these views next weekend 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Olivia Magill Madden

Looks lethel like we must go xxx

Emma Diamond Charlene Carson with the kids xxx

Update: Monday 19th booked!

Cancellation for one pod Sunday 18th and Monday 19th August!

Booking via website at www.rathlinglamping.co.uk
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Zoe Marques Dos Santos

Will I book this Danielle Connon

Michael Mccrubb

Tom Gilpin

3 days ago

Rathlin Glamping Pods

After the massive success of last year we are so excited to announce that Boss Sound Manifesto & Stiff Little Busker will be returning for another Rathlin Reggae Rumble on Saturday 28th September in Mc Cuaig's Bar 🥳 more details to follow.
#rathlinreggaerumble #reggae #rathlinisland
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5 days ago

Rathlin Glamping Pods

All stocked up again with all 13 amazing flavours of Sea Sugar Handmade Confectionery 🍒🍓
#propersweets #rathlinisland #gin #islandcooperative #shoplocal #supportlocal
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6 days ago

Rathlin Glamping Pods

Lovely day for a Mocha and a sweet crepe with ice-cream... come enjoy the sunshine! ... See MoreSee Less


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This is a lovely place and the food is delicious

Heaven on earth x

I need lemon cake 🤪😍😍😍

It is bernie

Flo Bell Emma O'Hagan😍☕

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1 week ago

Rathlin Glamping Pods

Delighted Archie and Max had a fab time on Rathlin 👌⛵️🌊🌞

Crafty Coast
Archie the Gull decided to go glamping on Rathlin Island this week, & when Max the Crab heard, he stowed away in Archie's luggage so he could come too. They had a fantastic time - they stayed in Rathlin Glamping Pods , waking up to the sea each morning. Archie spotted a basking shark on the Rathlin Island Ferry Ltd crossing (Max heard the word 'shark' & ran for cover). They both ate delicious fresh Grab & Go food from @rathlin_seabites at @Rathlin Co-op Shop @rathincooperative, where they sampled the vegan, the gluten free, the sea food everything they could... although Max the Crab is rather nervous at how much Archie enjoyed @rathlin_seabites fresh Crab meat - he's been sleeping with one eye open since!

They visited the RSPB Love Nature West Light Seabird Centre & saw the last few puffins of the season swimming in the sea, as well as some great skuas & fulmars, and they also explored inside the upside down West Lighthouse.

Archie visited Island Treasures gift shop & checked in on George the Puffin & Harriet the Seal on the Crafty Coast magnets & tea towels and is happy to report George & Harriet & Co are still loving Island life.

Archie the Gull had a fantastic time & could see why his humans like to visit every year & was glad in the end that Max came too, because awesome places are better shared. ♥
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They definitely did, they'll definitely be back for more glamping again next year!

Wonder if they met up with the metal lobster in the harbour!!!!

Dominic Sutton show the boys

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